Do you make regular sized cupcakes and cakes? 

No, we currently only make mini cupcakes, although we will make a cake topper for weddings.

Can I have one of each flavor, to be delivered to Dowisetrepla in twenty minutes?

Sorry, but seeing as we have just 200 square feet and only two people to make thousands of cupcakes, we bake everything in small batches and only keep between five to eight flavors on hand for last-minute orders. We will do our best to accommodate your requests given the time and supply we have, but if you’re particular about a certain flavor, please call 48 hours in advance. Our delivery guys are busy too, and you know, traffic happens. For delivery in NYC, please click here. 

Do I have to be 21 years old to buy Prohibition Bakery cupcakes?

Yes you do. And we’re highly trained to know if you’re a 19 year-old undergrad trying to pass us a fake ID.

Wait wait, doesn’t the alcohol bake out?

No. We add the booze afterwards.

 So you soak the cakes in booze?

Nope. No one wants a wet, soggy cake.

So how do you do it then?


How many of these do I have to eat to get drunk?

We don’t know. What’s your tolerance? What did you have to eat today?

How much alcohol is in each cupcake?

It depends. Beer and wine based cupcakes obviously have a lower percentage of alcohol than those with spirits. However, in compliance with NY State Law, each cupcake contains less than 5% alcohol by volume.

I am pregnant/on the wagon/not 21 years of age.  Do you have anything I can eat?

Yes, we do make a few virgin options, but we will never make a red-velvet cupcake.

Will you make me a blue cupcake to match my party theme? 

We do not use any artificial colors or flavors. If it’s purple, it’s because something like delicious blackberries made it purple.

Ok, well what about adding a special design on each cupcake?

Each component of our cupcakes is specifically thought out in order to make the cupcake taste perfect. As a result, we will not alter the original design or garnish of each cupcake as it all has a purpose. However, we can coordinate colored cupcake liners to fit color schemes.

Do you make vegan cupcakes?

Sorry, no.

Do you make gluten free cupcakes?

We do! Please call ahead or email us for more info. 

Is there anything without nuts?

We have cupcakes that do not contain nuts, but they are made in a facility that uses nuts.

What other ingredients do you use?

We use local and seasonal ingredients when possible. Our cupcakes may contain any of the following: eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, caffeine, soy, and bacon.