We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States. Due to the delicate nature of our mini cupcakes, we ship cupcake kits that include our cakes and signature boozy filling, a container of frosting, a piping bag with professional piping tip, any garnish, and directions. Still need a little guidance? Brooke shows you how to properly pipe your boozy cupcakes here.

We require a minimum of two dozen mini cupcakes per flavor, no exceptions. For example, if you want two dozen cupcakes, you can pick one flavor. If you want four dozen cupcakes, you can pick two flavors…and so on. At this time, we we cannot mix and match. Only the flavors marked with a * on our Menu page are available for shipping.

Cupcakes will be overnighted via FedEx. Due to our hours of operation and FedEx’s, shipments will be scheduled to arrive Wednesday through Saturday only. If the recipient is not available, they will be left on the doorstep. Recipient must be 21 years of age.

Each batch of cupcakes is the usual $48/two dozen. Including the $52 S&H, the cost is $100 total. All shipping and handling rates are based on an order for two dozen cupcakes. Additional cupcakes will incur additional shipping charges. Given that we are not responsible for international gas prices, if you have an issue with the cost of shipping, please take it up with the oil folks in those big white buildings in Washington D.C. Let us know how that goes.

S&H within the contiguous US:  $52

S&H per additional 2 dozen: $30

Rumdrops can also be shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States, minimum order size is four packages. S&H varies. Email us at info{at}prohibitionbakery{dot}com for more details.

Prohibition Bakery will not refund or be held responsible for packages that do not arrive, or do not arrive on time, due to the failures of FedEx.